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Shuriken Cigar Cutter, Steel Gunmetal Finish

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With its solid steelhousing and gunmetal finish, this cutter is a new concept in cigar cutting. You simply open the Shuriken cutter, then insert your premium cigar, gently pushing it into the back of the cutter. The Shuriken Cutter has 6 razor sharp blades in its base and they create super thin slits in the cap of your cigar. what's great is that the result is a super clean cut, no damage to the cigar, no crushing effect whatsoever that may occur with cheap cutters. The six cuts together provide a great draw, and the resulting slits can be so clean and subtle that it's often not even obvious that you've cut your cigar at all.

Try the Shiruken cigar cutter for the latest innovation in the world of cigar accessories.

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