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Sons of Anarchy by Black Crown Empty Cigar Box

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For all you Sons of Anarchy collectors!  This is an empty Sons of Anarchy Black Crown Empty box with no cigars.  Just like all our empty CAO Sopranos cigar boxes that are now 100% sold out, these will go to all the big SOA fans out there.   Check out the detailed images for views of the lid and the inside of this collectible cigar box.
Sizes vary based on availability.  We will send you the largest box available at the time of your order, but can’t take requests for specific sizes.  All our boxes are real cigar boxes shipped from the manufacturer with cigars, have been opened, cigars removed, and shelved. They are as new, and in excellent condition, but may have minor imperfections from routine handling from manufacturer to our warehouse.
Sons of Anarchy has long reigned supreme as one of television’s most-watched shows. Even after the show’s final season, the buzz around the show has never been higher, and collectibles from the SOA Cigar lines are always popular.

International Customers Note:
  Please order empty boxes as a separate order from any actual cigars.  If you wish to order cigars as well,  please do so as a separate order.  US Customers may order empty boxes and cigars together, no problem.

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