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Drew Estate Undercrown Maduro Flying Pig – 5 Pack

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As told by Drew Estate, the Flying Pig shape was first inspired by a faded vintage photograph said to be from 1895 showing a cigar salesman’s size selection case. Given its unique shape, size and pigtail cap, cigar rollers consider the Flying Pig to be one of the hardest sizes to roll.  Thus it's rarity and scarce availability.

Due to the rarity of the ultra-popular Liga Privada series, Drew Estate's rollers created a blend that was more sustainable but still captured much of the Liga Privada flavor profile. The Undercrown Maduro, previously known simply as "Undercrown" uses different primings of the same tobaccos included in Liga Privada T52 paired with a San Andres Maduro wrapper, the Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig cigars is earthy and spicy with a delicious sweetness on the finish. Medium-bodied with an excellent burn and draw, Undercrown will appeal to palates of all types.

Questions about the Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig cigar?  Contact us anytime.  Worldwide cigar delivery is always available for all our fine cigars, including the Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig cigar.


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From Drew Estate, “In early 2009 we asked our torcedores to smoke less Liga Privada cigars because they were leaving too few to be exported. This request was met with the disappointment you would expect, but rather than being disgruntled they responded by blending their own signature Liga, which we named The Undercrown.”

Incorporating a blend of the many of the same select tobaccos as the Liga, but with different vintages and primings, the unique cigar they created on the rolling floor was not just a mere replacement to the Liga. Far from it, in fact it’s a cigar smoking experience of superb quality and flavor. One that could not be held back only for the rollers to enjoy.  Undercrown Maduro cigars are  a creation  that needed to the shared and smoked by all.

In the cigar manufacturing business, it seems that it’s the master blenders who are always heralded and given the credit for terrific cigars. In reality, great cigars are the result of many highly talented workers, from seed to cigar. Most of these craftspeople work tirelessly in factories with little outside recognition. They are the unknown heroes who make all the lives of cigar smokers pleasurable with the premium cigars they craft by the hand of their experience and skill. The Undercrown cigar is their creation, which Drew Estate is now sharing. Their factory floor creation, borne from their workers ingenuity, experience, resourcefulness and passion for cigar excellence.

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