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Zederkoff Serrated Double Bladed Cutter – Gunmetal

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This cutter has a great feel to it.  The Zederkoff Double bladed cigar cutter is made of thick steel, and has a heavy-in-the-hand feel to it.  You won’t forget that this cutter is in your pocket, and you won’t ever be able to break it!  Yet, it’s a great looking cutter, with a high gloss gunmetal finish.  What makes this cutter unique are the serrated cutting blades, approximately 35 serrations per inch of blade.  These serve to slice through your cigar with ease with a smooth gliding blade mechanism.  Packaged in a nice matte black gift box.  Terrific value at this price, as this is not a cheap throw-away type cutter.

Ships packed snugly in an attractive gift box.  Worldwide delivery, as always on all cigar cutters and other cigar accessories.


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