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zippo blu tuxedo lighter image
zippo blu tuxedo lighters image
zippo blu lighter image
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Blu Lighter – Chrome Tuxedo Model

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United States

The Zippo Blu Tuxedo Chrome Lighter is a genuine Zippo windproof lighter, but designed for the cigar smoker!  Zippos traditionally are fueled by lighter fluid, but the Blu line was created to be fueled by butane which of course has no discernable smell as does lighter fluid.  Zippo was actually sued in 2014 over the name “Blu” and were subsequently forced to give up the name, and ceased production.  So these lighters are now impossible to find new (yes you’ll find some used ones on eBay).  We found just two left in our warehouse.  Long forgotten, but now priced to sell.  These are NOT used, and still in their original packaging.  Never used.  The lighter is an all-metal construction with the windproof design for which Zippo is well-known. This cigar lighter is refillable for a lifetime of use. Built with the highest quality steel with good old Pennsylvania workmanship, and comes with Zippo’s Lifetime Guarantee and all the features that make a Zippo lighter so satisfying to own.

This is an Official Zippo Manufacturing Company released model, with the “Bradford, PA. Made in U.S.A.” inscription stamped into the steel base of the lighter.  As we all know, not many consumer products are made in the USA anymore.  It’s nice to know that at least one accessory brand is still made by hard-working folks just a couple of states away from us here.  In a world where so many products are simply disposable or come with extremely limited warranties, the Zippo pocket lighter remains backed by its famous lifetime guarantee, offered directly by Zippo itself, and actionable directly on the Zippo website.  As pledged by Zippo, “In more than 90 years, no one has ever spent a cent on the mechanical repair of a Zippo pocket lighter regardless of the lighter’s age or condition”.  With distributors in virtually every country who take care of international customers, buyer worldwide know they can rely on their Zippo and the warranty that comes with it. The Zippo pocket lighter is ingrained in American culture and is a global icon of durability and reliability.

Need more info on Zippo Blu Lighters, or any of our fine cigars lighters? Drop us an email or get in touch via social media anytime. As always all our cigar lighters are available for international shipping, delivered to your door in just about every corner of the world.  Each Zippo lighter is shipped in a Zippo giftbox.

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