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Acid Blondie (Belicoso) – 10 Pack

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The Acid Blondie Belicoso cigar is a medium strength intriguing cigar that measures 5 x 54.  Handcrafted in Nicaragua by Drew Estates and made to the finest standards of cigar construction from some of the finest tobaccos in Nicaragua delivering a one-of-a-kind flavor and aroma.  ACID Cigars made a splash on the cigar market in the late 1990s, captivating cigar fans worldwide with their innovative blends infusing over 140 botanicals, essential oils, herbs and spices into premium cigars hand-made with skill. The concept came from Jonathan Drew and Drew Estate Cigars, and it quickly gained widespread popularity. The secret infusion process employed by Acid Cigars offers a truly distinctive flavor profile to these eclectic cigars.  Rolled with absolutely top-notch construction at famed La Gran Fabrica Drew Estate cigar factory located in Estelí, Nicaragua.  Yes indeed, Acid Blondie Belicoso cigars are also available in a full box format. Just about all our premium cigars are!  Check out our Acid  Cigars brand page to order the full box product and for everything you need to know about US and International ordering.

Need more info on Acid Blondie Belicoso cigars? Call, email or contact us via social media anytime, 24-7.  As always, worldwide cigar shipping is available on Acid cigars.





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Acid cigars are made in Nicaragua with over 140 botanicals, oils and herbs. They come in a variety of shades and shapes. These fine Nicaraguan cigars range from mild to full bodied. Truly unique cigars, unlike anything you have ever smoked.

Acid Cigars are known as the best-kept secret in Nicaragua. Only a handful of outsiders have ever been permitted to enter the unique small cigar factory. Once inside , a half dozen highly trained tobacco blenders work hard, checking and re-checking tobacco blends and raw materials. Over two hundred different herbs and oils line the blending wall leading from the aroma room to the rolling area, which is perched on a large outside deck.

Acid cigars are made by hand, using all natural materials only. Each  Acid cigar has a truly distinct flavor and bouquet, pleasing to the senses of the palate and spirit.

The ACID cigar smoking experience is really like no other in the cigar world. Each cigar blend presents new explorations in the art of tobacco curing and blending, blends that have become among the most guarded secrets within the cigar industry. For 10+ years, cigar fans have sought out ACID cigars into the farthest corners of the world so as to satisfy a desire for something different, something very much one of a kind, that’s unique and inspiring. You have found it in the Acid cigars range. Tastes never before contemplated in a cigar.

Descriptions for the Acid Cigars range:
1400cc: Connecticut Shade wrapper, robusto in glass tubes; creamy with strong aromatic qualities
Atom: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper; medium-full bodied, rich
Blondie: Connecticut Shade wrapper, small powerhouse cigar; slightly sweet
Blondie Maduro: Mexican San Andrés wrapper, earthier than it’s Connecticut Shade sibling
Blondie Belicoso: Connecticut Shade wrapper, Blondie’s delicious flavor in a larger size
C-Notes(small cigars): Sumatra wrapper, small cigarillos; medium-bodied and rich
Cold Infusion: Connecticut Shade wrapper, lighter, refreshing taste
Deep Dish: Sumatra wrapper, rich, velvety smoke with toasty sweetness
Earthiness: Sumatra wrapper, very full-bodied corona
Extra Ordinary Larry: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, huge size; sweet spice flavors
Kong: Cameroon wrapper, cone shaped! great draw
Kuba Deluxe Tubo: Sumatra wrapper, toro-sized Kuba Kuba; smooth and mellow
Kuba Kuba: Sumatra wrapper, fat robusto; medium-bodied
Kuba Grande: A bigger, 6×60 version of the Kuba Kuba
Kuba Kuba Maduro: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, a rich twist on an ACID favorite
Liquid: Connecticut Shade wrapper, robusto; fuller, rich taste
Nasty: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, short pyramid shaped maduro
Nefasto: Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper, huge version of the Nasty
One: Cameroon wrapper, non-aromatic; torpedo
Roam: Connecticut Shade wrapper, creamy taste with a light aroma
Toast: Maduro wrapper, mild and sweet; rich tobacco notes
Wafe: Sumatra wrapper, a super-thin, box-pressed smoke that’s big on flavor

Attempting to describe the flavors you’ll experience in each of these cigars, is near impossible. The fun part about smoking Acid cigars is making your own observations and deciding what flavors and notes YOU taste while you’re enjoying each stick. So give them all a try, and let us know what you experience with these unique Nicaraguan cigars!

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    3 reviews for Acid Blondie (Belicoso) – 10 Pack

    1. PeterB

      This is a winner. Very well made, easy draw and smooth. If you like the C-Notes you'll enjoy the Blondies. Blondies have become my personal favourite. Just be sure to keep them in their own humidor with other ACID blends otherwise your Cubans and Dominicans will absorb the spicy distinctive Acid aromas.

    2. dogs2bird1

      Not a big fan of the ACID line in general, but a buddy gave me an <i>Acid Blondie</i> and I was a bit surprised. Although far from my favorite, it did have a good draw, even burn, and was a cool cigar. I tasted a little honey. Not bad. Would buy some.

    3. milfhandler

      The Acid Blondie cigar is a MUST TRY.

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