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Avo Classic No. 2 – Box of 20

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

This exquisite hand-rolled cigar is the result of an achievement of harmony between two legends of the cigar world, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner. A unique collaboration that offers a simply unforgettable experience of refined taste, perfect balance, and simple enjoyment. The Avo Classic No 2 cigar blend is comprised of hand selected rare tobaccos carefully aged for no less than 25 years.  Manufactured at the famed Tabadom Cigar Factory, located in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Tabadom Factory is world renowned for its standards and the highly skilled torceadores, producing countless super premium, highly rated cigars as they combine state-of-the-art production with age-old traditional methods for the production of premium-quality hand-rolled cigars.

International cigar delivery is always available on Avo Classic No 2 cigars.  Want to give these beauties a try, but not ready for a full box? No problem! In fact all our Avo cigars are also available in our popular 5 pack format. Packed securely with a Boveda humipack ensuring the perfect shipping environment while en route to your door. See our Avo Classic brand page for 5 pack details and for US and International ordering.

Don’t miss our Avo Cigar Sampler, which of course includes an Avo Classic cigar.  Check out our Cigar Samplers page for details.



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The Avo Classic cigar is the result of a collaboration of two legends of the cigar world, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner. Their harmony created a simply unforgettable experience of balance and refined taste. An inviting cigar blend composed of rare tobaccos that have been meticulously aged for 25+ years.

From the folks over at Davidoff, “Shared experiences are at the heart of everything AVO. From moments worth remembering, to stories worth telling and notes worth savoring, an AVO Night is one filled with friendship, music, laughter, strength of character and generosity of spirit.

Every cigar is a careful arrangement that mirrors the unexpected finesse of Avo’s music – complex, layered, effortlessly smooth and infinitely approachable. Each a virtuoso performance, that elevates the cigar maker’s craft into the realm of art. From his flair for improvisation, to his passion for travel and infinite enthusiasm for life, AVO cigars are truly a reflection of Avo… the man.

To share a moment with AVO is to immerse yourself in a merging of exotic flavors and cultures;  a timeless appreciation for the classics; in spontaneity, guided by inspiration. And within each premium cigar, you’ll find a truly unique experience, a shared moment, a thing worth remembering and passing on to friends both old and new.”

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    1. arkiehogfan

      Excellent flavor all the way through. One of the top blends out there at this price!

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