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Avo Classic Robusto – Box of 20

Cigar Length
5 1/8
Ring Gauge
(1 review)
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

A sweet and woody premium cigar with hints of cherry and vermouth, with an herbal finish.  The Avo Classic Robusto cigar is rich in flavor and mild-to-medium bodied. The perfect blend of five select tobaccos that offers the cigar aficionado a perfectly balanced handmade cigar. The Avo Classic cigar line, was first introduced in 1987, and is handmade in Santiago, Dominican Republic.

Looking for more info on Avo Classic Robustos? Call, email or contact us via social media, anytime, and order with full confidence via our secure online shop.  International cigar delivery is available.

In addition to Avo Classic, our shelves are stocked with the full range of Avo cigars, including Avo XO cigars and the best-selling Avo XO Intermezzo.  All available in both the full-box as well as the 5 pack format which is, as always, shipped safely and securely with a Boveda humipack.


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The Avo Classic cigar is the result of a collaboration of two legends of the cigar world, Avo Uvezian and Master Blender Hendrik Kelner. Their harmony created a simply unforgettable experience of balance and refined taste. An inviting cigar blend composed of rare tobaccos that have been meticulously aged for 25+ years.

From the folks over at Davidoff, “Shared experiences are at the heart of everything AVO. From moments worth remembering, to stories worth telling and notes worth savoring, an AVO Night is one filled with friendship, music, laughter, strength of character and generosity of spirit.

Every cigar is a careful arrangement that mirrors the unexpected finesse of Avo’s music – complex, layered, effortlessly smooth and infinitely approachable. Each a virtuoso performance, that elevates the cigar maker’s craft into the realm of art. From his flair for improvisation, to his passion for travel and infinite enthusiasm for life, AVO cigars are truly a reflection of Avo… the man.

To share a moment with AVO is to immerse yourself in a merging of exotic flavors and cultures;  a timeless appreciation for the classics; in spontaneity, guided by inspiration. And within each premium cigar, you’ll find a truly unique experience, a shared moment, a thing worth remembering and passing on to friends both old and new.”

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    1 review for Avo Classic Robusto – Box of 20

    1. Alex D. H Bailey

      A real smooth and tasty smoke I admit probably only my 4th Avo Classic Robusto cigar that I’ve tried, but it’s my favourite so far.

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