Toro - Box of 25
Toro - Box of 25
Belicoso Maduro - Box of 20
Rothschild, Candela - 5 Pack
Belicoso - 5 Pack
Belicoso - 5 Pack
Petit Corona - 5 Pack
Belicoso - 5 Pack
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Baccarat Rothschild – Box of 25

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The Baccarat Rothschild cigar is a mild handmade with a Honduran blend and a sweet-tasting wrapper also found in some traditional Cuban cigars. These highly popular premium cigars are as consistent in construction and flavor as they are affordable. With a history dating back to 1871, the Baccarat cigar brand was nurtured by the hands of Carl Upmann.  Baccarat  is a mild bodied cigar with a subtle sweetness and excellent balance of flavors.  Superb value in a premium cigar.

Questions about Baccarat Rothschild cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-5737. Worldwide delivery on all Baccarat cigars.


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    1. Don Connolly (verified owner)

      good tasting long lasting aromatic

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