Gordo - Box of 25
Gordo - Box of 25
Gordo - Box of 25
Gordo - 5 Pack
Gordo - 5 Pack
Gordo - 5 Pack
Rothschild - Maduro - 5 Pack
Gordo - 5 Pack
Kuba Kuba - 5 Pack

Baccarat Toro – Box of 25

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The Baccarat Toro cigar is a mild-bodied hand crafted cigar with a subtle sweetness and a terrific balance of flavors. This fine cigar is a handmade all-Honduran blend with a sweet-tasting wrapper calling back to traditional Cuban cigars. These popular premium cigars are as consistent in construction and flavor as they are affordable, too. With origins dating back to 1871, the Baccarat cigar brand was originally nurtured by the hands of Carl Upmann.  A little point of cigar history for you!

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    1. hp-^ (verified owner)

      Excellent cigar. Good construction, burn and draw. Tasted smooth with a hint of sweetness. One of the best cigars I've smoked. Great value.

    2. Gilles (verified owner)

      This is a mild and perfect burning Toro which is perfect for a first smoke of the day. Never bitter, always full of taste and very relaxing.

    3. ScottishSmoker (verified owner)

      A very well constructed cigar that feels great in your hand even before it's lit. Nice smooth tase with slight hints of wood, perfect sweetness and an even burn. Fantastic value for money.

    4. Real Senecal (verified owner)

      I just received them today and i had one after diner. Wow very smooth and silky with a light sweetness that make you go all the way with agreat pleasure. Worth all the money.

    5. Dublin Smoker (verified owner)

      Being a first time cigar smoker I had done a lot of research as to what would be the perfect cigar and sizes to start with. After many weeks of deliberation I chose the Baccarat Toro. You might ask yourself why it took so long for me to chose, well I wanted to make sure that I was 100% happy with my choice as I didn’t want a bad first time experience to put me off cigars forever. It is true what they say about many factors needing to all work together to create that great experience enjoying your first cigar. I made sure that I had eaten a lovely meal, poured myself a whiskey, took a chair and a good book and sat in my back garden. I can confirm that I was not in any way dissapointed with my choice and I enjoyed my first smoke immensely. The service from Absolute Cigars was second to none and I cannot recommend them enough. My order was delivered to Ireland very quickly.

    6. love winter storm (verified owner)

      Received my box of 25 today. From placing order online to receiving it in the mail, total 9 calendar days. Would have been 8 if it wasn’t for Canada Post took the snow storm day off. The ordering process was smooth.

      This is my first time smoking Baccarat The Game Toro. The first inch or so doesn’t impress me, but the flavour start to kick in nicely after 1/3. Enjoyed it. Light and tasty. Plus it’s not expensive.

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