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cohiba wooden sign image
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cohiba cigar sign image
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Cohiba Black Vintage Cigar Band, Wooden Sign

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This is a large solid wood cigar band sign, measuring 35 inches wide, and 11 inches tall, made of 1 inch thick solid wood.  One of the most unique cigar items we’ve ever found, this handmade sign depicts the “Original” Cuban Cohiba Cigar Band on a wooden sign.  Made of solid wood, this sign is brand new but looks like it’s been on the factory wall since 1966.  It depicts one of the earliest designs of the Cohiba cigar band, dating back to the late 1960s, when it was  initially a private roll for Castro himself, and then used as diplomatic gifts from Castro to world leaders, dignitaries and VIPS.

The 1960s Cohiba cigar band is applied on solid wood, then gently distressed and faded to give it an aged look, finished with a clear matte protective polyurethane finish.  The back is stained in a dark oak and includes hanging hardware, allowing you to hang it fast and easily, with a single nail or hook.  These are made by hand, and individually distressed  so each sign is totally unique in terms of the distressing, fading and the patina of the wood.

This is a rare representation of the “original” Cohiba cigar band, circa 1966.   Very little is known about this vintage Cohiba cigar band.  It was used briefly in the late 1960s or early 70s.  At the time, many of the top Cuban brands would routinely produce unique cigar bands for VIPs and businesses, incorporating their name into the band.  It’s believed this design was one of those customs bands put on early Cohibas as a one-off, long before the use of the modern Cohiba band we all know.  From our research into this band we have seen only one reference to it in authoritative Cuban cigar history resources, with very little background given other than that it was an official release by the Cuban cigar authority at the time, long before the brand was made available to the public market.  It is well known that Cohiba was initially a special cigar made as special gifts for VIPs and dignitaries, and we suspect this rare Cohiba band was one of these.  For the cigar history experts out there, feel free to let us know what more you know about this piece of cigar history.

Another totally unique solid wood sign, our distressed Cohiba Cigar Band Sign is must have for any Cuban cigar fan or collector looking for something unique and unavailable anywhere else. This is a 100% wood sign and makes a colorful accent to any room, office, den, poolroom, even kitchen or bedroom. All our classic signs are custom made exclusively for us, by hand. This is a new sign but is distressed and aged to appear as if it were just taken off the outside of a Cuban cigar shop on the streets of Havana.

Questions about the Vintage Cuban Cohiba Cigar Band Sign or any of our Cigar signs?  Email us anytime or check in through any of our social media platforms.   Worldwide delivery is available on this unique solid-wood Cohiba Cigar Band sign.


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