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Cohiba Macassar Empty Cigar Box – No Cigars Included

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No Cigars Included.  The Cohiba Macassar Empty Cigar Box is one of the most sought after and hard to find cigar boxes, and priced accordingly. Why? Because it is ridiculously nice. Super high gloss finish, that’s so sleek it looks like water on the box. Beautiful graphics and just first class in every way. A simply sensational cigar box, that is nothing short of an elegant handmade wood case.

The Cohiba Macassar boxes come in three slightly different dimensions, all measure approximately 9 1/4 x 7 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches, so the exact box you get will vary based on stock on the day of your order. We will always default to sending the largest of the three sizes that we have on the day.

All our boxes are real cigar boxes shipped from the manufacturer with cigars. For the Cohiba Macassar boxes, the cigars are carefully removed, and the boxes re-packaged with all original packaging, so that you’re essentially getting a straight from factory grade box. These boxes have not spent time on our retail shelves and have not been handled by anyone other than one staff member here, for just as long as it takes to remove the ten cigars and carefully re-package the box, which includes protective foam material. They are in as-new, excellent condition.  Note:  To be clear – no cigars are included in this product.

International Customers Note:  Please order empty boxes as a separate order from any actual cigars.  If you wish to order cigars as well,  please do so as a separate order.  US Customers may order empty boxes and cigars together, no problem.


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A fitting tribute to the extremely rare Indonesian Macassar ebony wood that adorns its box, the artisans of Cohiba select only the absolute finest leaves meeting the highest standards of flavor and aesthetic quality for Cohiba Macassar cigars. A super premium work of cigar art made exclusively of proprietary tobaccos, aged for over four years in Dominican rum barrels, refining their flavor of exquisitely nuanced notes of wood and spice.

Cohiba Macassar cigars shipped worldwide.

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