cohiba puro dominicana cigars box stick image
cohiba puro dominicana cigars box stick image
cohiba puro dominican cigars stick image
Robusto - 5 Pack
Robusto - 5 Pack
No. 1 - Box of 25 cigars
Churchill - 5 Pack
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No. 1 - Box of 25 cigars

Cohiba Puro Dominicana Robusto – 5 Pack

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

Boasting a depth or terrific aromas and a complexity of taste, Cohiba Puro Dominicana Robusto cigars are 100% puros.  Master blender Daniel Nunez crafted the ultimate tribute to the quality of Dominican cigars.  Crafted from a unique selection of proprietary tobaccos which are carefully aged in tercios and charcoaled wooden barrels, developing their natural flavors. Blended to be the perfectly balanced cigar, the Cohiba Puro Dominicana Robusto is Cohiba's true super-premium robusto cigar.  Superbly rolled with a very round head.  This is a deeply satisfying cigar with a smooth, ultra refined taste, that is pure Dominicana, and falls clearly into the "super premium" cigar category.

Questions about Cohiba Puro Dominicana Robusto cigars? Call Toll free 866 838-9463. Worldwide delivery on all Cohiba Puro Dominicana cigars.


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Cigar Length
5 1/2
Ring Guage
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