Governors Maduro - Box of 25
Governors Maduro - Box of 25
Governors Maduro - Box of 25
Governors Maduro - Box of 25
Governors Maduro - Box of 25
X652, Maduro - Box of 25
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Hoyo De Monterrey Classic Double Corona – Box of 25

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With it's rich flavor and aroma, the Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona cigar is a tremendous value in the premium cigar market. Made with Honduran, Nicaraguan & Dominican long filler with a Honduran binder, and an Ecuadorian wrapper, the blend delivers a bold, full flavor cigar smoking experience.

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Cigar Length
6 3/4
Ring Guage
Double Corona
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Weight 2.25 lbs

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    1. Smokehead (verified owner)

      It was extremely mellow and mild with a slightly creamy aftertaste. On the plus side, it burned perfectly and left a nice white ash. Even though I don't like my cigars too strong, this is a cigar that is just too bland for my taste. Would suit a new smoker who wants to try out cigars though.

    2. DaveT (verified owner)

      I tried one of these as part of a sampler. I have smoked Cuban "Hoyos" and in my opinion this was far superior with a lovely spicy flavour. I would not say too mild… just very smooth with a great flavour, burn, ash, aftertaste, draw. Overall a wonderfull smoke and they will be added to my large humidor on my next order. If you like cigars for the taste and not the strength alone you will be pleased.

    3. Slick69 (verified owner)

      This was a lovely cigar, even burn nice draw and great taste, if you like a mellow smoke this is for you.

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