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Ole Shenandoah Cheroot, Appalachian Harvest – Pack of 40

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic
Ole Shenandoah Appalachian Harvest Cheroots are widely regarded as the best cheroot money can buy.  But first, if you’re not familiar with cheroots, the undeniably American rustic cigar, know that these cigarillos are not fancy, smooth wrapped and polished cigars. They ain’t pretty!  They’re cheroots — rustic, old-school, and gritty. Think Clint Eastwood western movies!  But they taste awesome and burn well, and that’s what we love about these.
Featuring a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and tons of unique smokiness, the Appalachian Harvest variety offers a light berry flavor, and a satisfying combination of smoky and sweet.  These classic western smokes are the perfect choice for someone seeking a quick, 15-minute bout of deliciousness with your morning coffee or late night bourbon or on the range corralling your herd!
Yes, you can get these un-fancy sticks delivered to your door wherever you may roam worldwide.  As always international cigar delivery is available on our tasty Ole Shenandoah CherootsWith delivery times of about a week to most countries, our worldwide cigar delivery service is a great option if you live in a country where Ole Shenandoah cigars are not available. As soon as your order comes through, our staff get to work prepping and packing your valuable products, safely and securely protected for their trip to your door, be it locally or on the other side of the globe.



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An iconic American cigar. The cheroot conjures up images of cowboys, Clint Eastwood, or the pioneers passing the Shenandoah mountains heading west.  The Cheroot cigar is traditional style of cigar that originated in the southern United States and are characterized by their short length, rough-cut ends, and rough wrapper leaf.

The Ole Shenandoah Cheroot cigars feature a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper that offers a unique smokiness, available in three options each one an undeniably American offering and the perfect option for folks looking for a quick, 15-minute smoke and satisfying deliciousness.

Arguably the very best cheroot money can buy, these are known for their smooth, mild flavor and really are enjoyed by both experienced cigar smokers as well as those who are just learning about cigars.

Ole Shenandoah  cigars are offered in three unique varieties, starting with the “Original“, a smooth, rich stick that’s full-flavored with a terrific aroma. Second is the Ole Shenandoah Bootlegged cigar which is flavored with rum and revs up the spice. Last but not least is the Ole Shenandoah Appalachian Harvest cigar offering a light berry flavor, and a satisfying combination of smoky and sweet.

We’ve seen cheroots really growing in popularity in the last two years. Maybe due to them being quick smokes, but we like to think that it’s more that many smokers are learning that fancy packaging and smooth as silk wrappers don’t always deliver flavor and enjoyment. Cheroots can be rough looking, and that’s intentional. So is the flavor you’ll enjoy from what is a cigar style from early America.

The Ole Shenandoah cigar band is well-known for manufacturing some of the highest quality cheroot cigars, and offering them at reasonable prices, allowing access to these great cigars to just about all fans of interesting, quality cigars.

Ole Shenandoah cigars shipped worldwide.

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