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Ole Shenendoah Cheroot, Originals – Pack of 40

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Country of Origin
Dominican Republic
Ole Shenandoah Cheroots are widely regarded as the best cheroot money can buy.  But first, if you're not familiar with cheroots, the undeniably American rustic cigar, know that these cigarillos are not fancy, smooth and polished cigars. They ain't pretty!  They’re cheroots — rustic, old-school, and gritty. Think Clint Eastwood western movies!  But they taste awesome and burn well, and that’s what we love about these. 


Featuring a Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper and tons of unique smokiness, these classic western smokes are the perfect choice for someone seeking a quick, 15-minute bout of deliciousness with your morning coffee or late night bourbon or on the range coralling your herd!


Yes, you can get these unfancy sticks delivered to your door wherever you may roam worldwide.  As always international cigar delivery is available on our tasty Ole Shenandoah Cheroots.


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