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Schizo Toro – Bundle of 20

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A best-selling release from Christian Eiroa, previously renowned for Camacho cigars. The Schizo cigar is part of his most recent cigar line-up. These are tasty sticks at a terrific price. The Schizo Toro cigar is a Cuban-sandwich style cigar, crafted from the cuttings for the new Asylum line.  Wrapped in a sleek, dark Nicaraguan Habano wrapper, the Schizo delivers big, with a ton of mellow flavors, a mild-to-medium in body with nice notes of leather with a natural sweetness, hints of cream and subtle spice, finishing with a touch of cocoa. Enjoyable, highly smokeable and a Nicaraguan puro to boot!

International cigar delivery is always available for Schizo Toro cigars.


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    1. denis allard (verified owner)

      Le Schizo Toro cigare, premiere fois que je l’essaie.

    2. Gav Lew (verified owner)

      A great surprise. I wasn’t expecting much from the Schizo bundles, given the price and I was just looking for “yard smokes” for when cutting the lawn etc. It turns out they are fantastic and better than many “premium” cigars that have come in much fancier packaging. Sweet, perfect burn and construction and they feel substantive. Real value for money here. I’m writing this before I buy another bundle.

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