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Padron Series, Empty Cigar Box, No Cigars Included

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No Cigars Included.  An offer for the box collectors out there, looking to add this legendary box to their collection.  A box that presents the Padron logo on the lid; the Padron motto and the Padron cigar box seal “Handcrafted since 1964”.   The lid is attached with brass hinges with the Padron text mark pressed into the metal.
Padron is the only cigar manufacturer that we’re aware of that requests that their boxes not be discarded.  On the bottom of the box is Padron’s appeal to customers to return their used box to their local tobacconist, and participate in their box recycling program.  Some of our boxes may well have been through this program, as per our notes on condition:  All our boxes have been used in a retail cigar shop environment, and as such they may have imperfections scratches and dings.  We consider those to add to the character of these boxes, and we chose a worn boxes for these photos so as to ensure buyers see, these are real-world used cigars boxes.  The boxes are priced accordingly.

Natural wood with a matte finish, with all black graphics and a color box seal.  This collectors item empty cigar box, measures approximately 10 1/4 x 5 1/2 x 1 3/4 inches, with 1/4 thick walls.  A must have for any fan of Padron cigars, or the serious cigar box collector.

All our empty cigar boxes are real cigar boxes shipped from the manufacturer with cigars, have been opened, cigars removed, and shelved. They are as new, and in excellent condition, but may have minor imperfections from minor handling from manufacturer to our warehouse. As these were real cigar boxes, used to contain cigars, these boxes obviously do not have intact box seals. In the case of these particular boxes, all are in terrific condition.  International Customers Note:  Please order empty boxes as a separate order from any actual cigars.  If you wish to order cigars as well,  please do so as a separate order.  US Customers may order empty boxes and cigars together, no problem.


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Padron cigars was founded in 1964 and has rapidly evolved to become one of the premier names in the cigar world. The Padron Series cigar line now includes fifteen medium-full bodied long filler handcrafted cigars. Perfectly balanced premium cigars of exceptional quality and value, all Padron cigars are made exclusively of sun-grown tobaccos and then patiently aged for no less than two and a half years.

José Orlando Padrón was born in Cuba in 1926 and grew up in a family of tobacco farmers. In the early 1960s, he left Cuba and settled in Miami, where in 1964 he started what was then a small cigar company. Padrón cigars quickly gained a reputation for their quality and consistency, and the company began to grow.

Over the years, Padrón Cigar Company has built on this recognition and is now known for producing superb highly rating cigars using Nicaraguan tobacco and hand-rolled by the very best torceadores in the Padron factory in Nicaragua, and available here for shipping worldwide.

Today, Padrón Cigar Company is a leading player in the cigar industry and is known for its commitment to producing the finest cigars in the world using only the highest quality tobacco. The company is still owned and operated by the Padrón family and is a third-generation family business.

As always, all our fine Padron cigars are available for international cigar delivery, to your door, via our worldwide cigar shipping service.

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