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Cohiba Macassar Double Corona – 5 Pack

Cigar Length
Ring Gauge
Double Corona
Availability: In Stock
Country of Origin
Dominican Republic

One of the latest releases from Cohiba, the Cohiba Macassar Double Corona represents the pinnacle of the Cohiba cigar range.  Needless to say, this is no small feat, but the Cohiba artisans have hand crafted a luxury cigar that’s the real deal – The Cohiba Macassar. Available here in 5 packs or in stunning boxes of 10 that are nothing short of elegant wood cases made with ebony Macassar, some of the rarest hardwood in the world. The cigar itself is a master blend of a truly rare collection of tobaccos. The experience is prestige from the start with nuances of wood, spice, and creamy earth notes delivering a truly unforgettable Cohiba cigar experience.

Cohiba Macassar cigars are crafted by hand by a select group of the most experienced roller in the Dominican Republic. For many of these artisans their craft has been handed down through multiple generations of cigar rollers. Expertise, knowledge, pride and passion passed on from generation to generation.  We like to say that you’re holding a century of history and cigar heritage, and having an awareness of this adds to your experience and satisfaction. An experience that epitomizes the very best that a cigar can offer.

Looking for more details on Cohiba Macassar cigars?  Email or contact us via social media, anytime 24-7!  As always, Cohiba Macassar Double Corona cigars, are available for worldwide cigar delivery.



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A fitting tribute to the extremely rare Indonesian Macassar ebony wood that adorns its box, the artisans of Cohiba select only the absolute finest leaves meeting the highest standards of flavor and aesthetic quality for Cohiba Macassar cigars. A super premium work of cigar art made exclusively of proprietary tobaccos, aged for over four years in Dominican rum barrels, refining their flavor of exquisitely nuanced notes of wood and spice.

Cohiba Macassar cigars shipped worldwide.

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